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First I have to say thank you for all the great feedback!

Sometimes when trying to create a meal from my CSA veggies I end up with a hodgepodge of a dishes. This meal is a recent example of that. I had blistered peppers, sweet potato fries and flounder with a lemon, butter, parsley sauce. While these things don’t necessarily go together, they were all great on their own which, is how I ate them.

The peppers were inspired by a dish I had at Txikito in Chelsea. It wasn’t something I would have thought to order as bar food but they were perfect! They used smaller and hotter peppers but I think it turned out as a good substitute with what I believe were Anaheim peppers from my CSA. It was super simple to make too. Heat some olive oil in a cast iron pan, cook peppers until blistered then sprinkle with kosher salt

Blistered Peppers

I’m not a huge fan of sweet vegetables so sweet potatoes can be a bit tricky for me. I do love fries though. I sliced them thinly, coated in olive oil and salt, baked in a 400 degree oven until tender, turning once. Toss them with fresh rosemary when they come out of the oven.

Sweet Potato Fries

Last week I received a huge bunch of parsley from my CSA. Half of it I put in the freezer to brighten up the bleak winter months. I used some to make a vegetable stock with other leftovers but I still have a good portion left to use. I came across a recipe for fish, I used flounder, with a parsley sauce and was excited to see I had all the ingredients in my fridge. Salt and pepper both sides of the fish. Sear in a hot oiled pan for a couple minutes on each side. Remove fish from pan and pan from heat. Add lemon juice, butter, a dash of cream and parsley, stir to combine. I don’t think the cream was necessary.

I don’t measure when I cook but I will try to be better about it for you all.