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Most of this weekend was spent prepping for Thanksgiving. Today, I had my FreshDirect groceries delivered and it came with a Thanksgiving guide by Martha Stewart, my fave. It was perfect because I was looking for turkey cooking times when I was making my schedule and they vary greatly on the internet but I trust Martha.

I was able to take some time off last night for dinner at Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Trains were terrible this weekend and we were running late to a taping of This American Life (I love Ira Glass!) so we had a quick meal of fried chicken and a cheeseburger at the bar. Both were very good and I would like to go back to have a more relaxing meal.

I’ve sort of been taking a break from cooking real meals since I didn’t have a fridge full of veggies. I had some string beans left so I made a one of my quick go-to meals tonight, which is basically pasta with veggies and garlic. I steam string beans, briefly saute garlic, salt and red pepper flakes in some olive oil. Add the string beans and cook for a little while. I used mezzi rigatoni tonight and cut the string beans to about the same length. Cook the pasta until al dente, drain but reserve some cooking water, add pasta to the pan and stir to combine. Add a lot of grated parmesan and some cooking water if needed. You really can’t go wrong with pasta and garlic and oil.

Pasta with String Beans