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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I have a great holiday relaxing and stuffing myself full of delicious food and drink. I am ready to start eating like a normal person again. It’s time to get off this 2 hour eating schedule! Although my mom cooked or we went out, I contributed a side dish to New Year’s Day dinner, a family favorite, Brussels sprouts. We had bacon from Oscar’s, a local smoke house, for breakfast that morning so we saved the fat for dinner. The bacon was the inspiration for the whole dish. It added a nice smokey flavor to the dish.

Brussels Sprouts Cooked in Bacon Fat

Makes 4 servings


2-3 tablespoons bacon fat

1 onion cut in half and thinly sliced

1 lbs Brussels sprouts trimmed and cut in half

14 oz can of chicken stock


Add onions and bacon fat to a pan over medium heat. Season with salt. Saute a few minutes until translucent. I started with 1 1/2 tablespoons of fat and added more throughout cooking to get a stronger flavor.

Steam brussels sprouts until they just start to become tender. Add them to the onions.

Stir to combine and add enough chicken stock to cover the bottom of the pan, reduce heat to low and simmer. As the chicken stock evaporated I added more. I ended up using about 3/4 of the can. Simmer until very tender. I think I let them cook for about 30 minutes.