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Tonight was another hefty pickup. 35 pounds! Lots of good stuff but I have never been more excited to see lettuce. I was getting so tired of root vegetables.

This week’s share:

10 lbs Sweet Potatoes

7 lbs Mixed Carrots

5 lbs Beets

3 lbs Red Potatoes

10 pcs Garlic

2 Red Turnips

2 pcs Shallots

2 stalks Brussels Sprouts

1 Napa Cabbage

1 Acorn Squash

I Daikon

1 Parsnip

1 bag Lettuce

Winter CSA Week #4

So, now not only do I have a sweet potato situation I have a carrot situation. I am glad to have some purple ones because they are my favorite. If you’ve never had one, try to get your hands on one, you’ll be happy you did. The white ones however are too bitter for me and are going to the office along with the beets. Every time I bring my veggies in Anyone have any carrot good recipes?

Giant Beet and Carrots

Look at how big that beet and those carrots are!