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This week, and next, is restaurant week here in NYC. 3 courses for $35, good deal. It gives us a good opportunity to try great restaurants at decent prices. Butter is a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try for 6 years when I first worked on a project right next door. The whole meal was great! Alex Guarnaschelli is the chef there and also has a Food Network show which is based in her Brooklyn neighborhood. She’s one of my favorite chefs.

To start our table had the lobster bisque, the butternut squash soup and a salad. I got the bisque but tasted the butternut squash soup and it was amazing. So buttery and silky and it was served with popcorn which was fun. I have to figure out how they made it.

Our entrees consisted of short ribs with hominy, salmon with lentils and pork with potatoes. The short ribs were served with some smokey greens that were so great I could have eaten a whole bowl of them. The crispy hominy was an eye opener too. I can’t speak for the other dishes but since everyone cleaned their plates I’d say it was all good.

The dessert was mango sorbet, apple crisp with bourbon pecan ice cream and a chocolate torte. I was debating between the apple crisp and the torte but I have a hard time not ordering chocolate. When they came the apple crisp looked amazing, like a sundae. The torte was good and I was surprised that the whipped sour cream that was served with it was not that sour.

All in all it was a great meal, so glad I finally got to try it. Highly recommended!