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I feel bad that I haven’t posted many recipes recently so when I got home this evening I tried to make up for that. I’m still trying to figure out how to cook all these root vegetables and I am constantly looking for new recipes to try. I was browsing through the sweet potato collection on the Food Network website and found this one. The rosemary and shallots in this recipe filled my whole apartment with an amazing aroma. I knew that if it tasted anything like the way it smelled it would be good. Luckily it did!

This is a Giada De Laurentiis recipe but I changed it up a little. The original calls for maple syrup which I left out since I don’t think sweet potatoes need to be any sweeter. It also calls for mascarpone cheese which my corner store does not carry so I used sour cream instead.

Sweet Potato and Rosemary Soup

Time 45 minutes

Makes 4-6 servings


1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 shallots sliced

2 cloves of garlic minced

2 lbs (about 3) sweet potatoes peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces

4 cups chicken stock

1 stem fresh rosemary

1/2 – 1 cup sour cream

Dash chipotle powder


In a pot melt butter and oil. Add shallots and garlic, season with salt and cook until caramelized.

Add potatoes, chicken stock and rosemary. Season with salt and pepper.

Cover and simmer until potatoes are tender. Remove from heat. Remove rosemary stems and puree with a hand blender. Add sour cream and stir until combined. I added about a cup of sour cream but it might be a bit too much so try adding a 1/2 cup and taste. I also added a dash of chipotle powder for a bit of heat. Salt and pepper to taste.

Update: I had a whole bowl of this today for lunch and it is so good! It may be the best soup I’ve ever made. There’s a perfect amount of sweetness and it’s rich and creamy without being overwhelming. Definitely a keeper.