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21 Club, I wanted to like you so much but you totally let me down. I went there last night for another restaurant week dinner, thankfully I was not paying full price. 21 Club is a former prohibition era speakeasy and legendary NYC restaurant. Honestly, that has to be what it is keeping it open because it is certainly not the food. It could have been the fact that it was restaurant week that the food was sub-par but that is just a sorry excuse to me. A restaurant should want to serve good food always, no matter how much the customer is paying. My friend’s dinner was better than mine but still not anything to rave about. I had a tortilla soup which I could taste the thickener in, a cauliflower risotto which was lacking seasoning and a red velvet cake whose frosting was way too sweet. In addition, the service was fine until the end when they left us sitting with our finished desserts for over 30 minutes when we were finally able to flag down someone for our check. A 2 and a half hour dinner. The only positive thing was the company and that we brought with us. Not Recommended.

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My Unseasoned Risotto

The best part of the meal - The California shaped butter