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James is a cute little restaurant in my neighborhood of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. I have wanted to go there since I moved to the neighborhood last December. A couple of weeks ago I had brunch at James, which was really good, but I still wanted to have dinner there. When I found someone who was willing to come to BK on a weeknight for dinner I jumped at the chance to go to James. It worked out even better because they had a special game tasting menu. I had read about it through Tasting Table but forgot it was going on so it was a nice surprise. I’m not big on game meats but I figured this was the place to order it at so we both got the Huntsman’s Feast. It was very tasty. See the menu below.

My favorite course was the quail. It was so good! The polenta underneath was a nice addition. The venison was really good too. It was so tender and the parsnip puree was eye-opening. I didn’t realize parsnips could taste so good.

Now I have to go back and try the regular menu.