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Yesterday was a beautiful day for the Farmers Market and a walk in the park. I was so excited to see that flower season is back! I bought a bunch of tulips from Phillips Farms, ingredients for dinner and a loaf of (festive) bread from Bread Alone to go with it.

Tulips and Shamrock Peasant Bread

After sitting in the park figuring out my dinner menu, I realized I needed eggs and cream so I picked them up at the farmers market on the way back home. The eggs were from Tello’s Green Farm and the cream was from Milk Thistle Farm. I never bought eggs from the farmers market before and so I had to try one to see if there was any difference. There certainly was, they have more flavor than supermarket eggs. I’ve never tried Milk Thistle before so I decided to get the cream from them. You have to pay $1.50 deposit for the glass bottles so you will be more likely to bring the bottle back. Good system. There’s something so special about milk in glass bottles.