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After getting Martha’s Pies and Tarts book this weekend, I definitely had enough inspiration to make a tart. I had actually planned on doing so before I got the book but now I had a recipe at my fingertips. I had apples and some leftover filo dough and now that I have ramekins, I am obsessed with making individual servings. Apple tarts were the obvious choice. The tart is basically a tart shell filled with mashed apples and topped with sliced apples. For the mashed apples I turned to my roasted applesauce recipe. I forgot how great that recipe is. It brought me right back to the fall! I didn’t follow a recipe and I don’t think you really need to when making tarts. Expect for the crust which has to be perfect. My crust was not. The filo was a good substitute but not as good as regular pie crust. It was actually better the second day. It may not sound it but the filo tasted better after it got a little chewy from being in the fridge overnight.

Apple Tart

Make the applesauce but leave it on the chunky side. Butter ramekins, line with filo dough. Butter another sheet of filo and layer it on top. If I ever make these again I would try adding some sugar between the layers for a little sweetness in the crust. I used 8 layers of filo.

Fill with applesauce, leaving room for sliced apples.

Top with thinly sliced apples. I used half an apple for each tart. Butter and sugar between each layer.

Push the excess dough into the sides of the tart. Brush the edge with butter and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake in a 350F oven for about 30 minutes or until crust is browned and juices are bubbling.