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Yesterday, I went to see where my CSA veggies are grown. Our farm, Sang Lee Farms, had an open house for all CSA members, which included a farm tour, cooking demos, tastings, plant potting and live music. It was a great day on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island!

Farmer Fred’s tour covered the greenhouses, the honey bee hives and the fields with strawberries, asparagus, sugar snap peas, garlic and lots of lettuce. After a long winter of root vegetables, I was so excited to see signs of spring vegetables. Some interesting tidbits from Farmer Fred included the fact that deer are too dumb to realize what they are getting shocked from and will walk through multiple electric fences. He told us all about the inner workings of the bee hives which was fascinating. We got to see how asparagus grow and learned that it is a 3 year crop. I can now definitively say I know where my food comes from!

Farmer Fred on his bucket.

Lettuce in the greenhouse.

Lettuce in the fields.

Asparagus left to grow.

Asparagus as we are used to seeing it. I picked a bunch to bring home from the farm store. Yum!

Honey bees are shipped in this box, four pounds of them! Bees are an amazing creature.

The hives.

A honey bee hard at work.

Stir fry demo and tasting with farm fresh asparagus, bok choy and carrots. Yum! Sang Lee also makes a stir fry sauce, pestos and dips. My favorite was the ginger scallion dip.

Beautiful eggs.

And cheese tastings.

There was a plant potting station as well.

I planted 4 types of lettuce and a succulent and I bought the mint to make cocktails this summer.

Great day at the farm!