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I have been a terrible, terrible blogger lately. It’s really hard to do since I haven’t been cooking anything. Work has been taking over my weeknights and I’ve been away the last few weekends. Hopefully, it’ll slow down soon. I spent Memorial Day weekend upstate visiting my parents, enjoying Lake George and eating at some of my favorites. It was a much needed break. One of the first (and always the last) stops I made was is getting an ice cream cone at Martha’s. The best!

I’m a purist so I love vanilla but some of their other flavors, like black raspberry, are great.

The best restaurant in the area is The Club Grill at the Sagamore Golf Course. You are guaranteed to get a great meal there. A new addition to their menu this year was fontina stuffed tater tots. I have never seen homemade tater tots before let alone cheese stuffed ones. It has been added to my Made From Scratch to-make list. So tasty, just like the rest of the meal!

Both places are only open seasonally so it makes them even more special.

Last weekend I attempted to make sourdough focaccia. It didn’t turn out too well. I combined two recipes (this one and this one) and the flavor was good but the texture was somewhere between a cracker and a biscuit. The dough kept tearing apart so I made individual sizes.

Funny looking.

Not too bad looking on the inside. Now that I know my sourdough starter is good I will continue until I have success.