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Last night I found myself in my old hood, Hell’s Kitchen. I was starving so I went to my favorite Thai restaurants, Pam Real Thai, which is only 3 blocks from my old apartment. Needless to say I was a regular. I am used to my neighborhood Thai place now, which isn’t bad, but every time I’ve had Pam since I moved I think oh yeah, this is what Thai food is supposed to taste like. The service is great too. They are all very accommodating and always have a smile on their faces. You may even catch them singing along to the Madonna song playing on the radio. You can usually spot Pam in the kitchen too. I’ve taken many people there and all have enjoyed it. One had just gotten back from 3 months in Thailand and it passed the test with him. It’s one of my parent’s favorite places to eat when in town and it’s always on my sister’s must eat list while visiting. She’s the one who actually discovered it. All the food is good but my favorite is Pad Kee Mao. Oh and it’s cheap!

Today was another great day for the farmers market, I actually went twice. I love that it is so close! It’s really starting to feel like summer and it’s nice to see more and more variety at the market. I was also happy to see there was still strawberries available!

You may be wondering what those long green things are.  They are garlic scapes, the part of garlic that grows out of the grown. They have a nice garlicky flavor without the heat when eaten raw. I am going to make basil pesto with it.