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Help! I am in over my head with all this lettuce. I don’t know about you but I max out at 2 salads a day. On the upside, I keep finding new things to add to my salads like toasted slivered almonds and leftover pesto added to my basic balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. It adds a nice twist to the whole salad. I think I may try leeks this time.

This week’s share:

1 bunch Cilantro
1 Leek
3 heads of Baby Bok Choy
1 head Red Boston
1 Green Romaine
1 bunch Carrots
4 ounces Sugar Snap Peas
3 Garlic Scapes

CSA Week #3

Love the colorful carrots, another addition to my salads. And more garlic scapes, which I may try grilling this time. I can’t help but think salsa when I see cilantro.