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I took a little trip to Chicago this weekend. Had some deep dish pizza but the real highlight was dinner at Girl and the Goat. The meal was amazing. The atmosphere was nice too with the scent of fire wood from the oven. The restaurant is Top Chef winner’s Stenphaine Izard. I understand why she won. The wait was long but it was well worth it.

The Goat

We had:
Bread, not Campbell, mushroom soup butter, tomato soup oil
Gjetost pancake, heirloom tomato jam, shiitake mushroom, black pepper creme fraiche
Sauteed green beans, fish sauce vinaigrette, cashews
Hiramasa crudo, crisp pork belly, aji chili, caperberries
Veal and pork sugo, linguini, rosemary, cape gooseberries
Kalbi style beef ribs, corn coblettes, charred okra
Pork fat doughnuts, honey yogurt, carmelized figs, lemony eggplant, ham streusel

My favorites were the green beans and the beef ribs. The corn coblettes were amazing. The doughnuts were good too. Who has ever had eggplant in their dessert? I have to figure out how to make the green beans.

Tonight’s pickup brought some surprises. The first being red mustard greens, which is a CSA first. The second was the first broccoli of the season. I was also shocked to see watermelon in the swap box, so I swapped it with a bunch of radishes. I think I will make another sorbet with one half.

This week’s share:
1 bunch Carrots
1 head of Broccoli
1 bunch Radishes (which I swapped for a 1/4 watermelon)
1 lb of Potatoes
1 bunch Red Mustard
1/2 lbs Snap Beans
1/4 Watermelon
1 colored Bell Pepper

CSA Week #17

I’ve never cooked mustard greens before. Does anyone have a good recipe for them?