This week was another good pickup. I was surprised and happy to see how green it was. Unfortunately, this is the last of the watermelon. The weather is warming back up again so salad (and watermelon) will be nice to have. I have to get in as much as I can before root vegetable season comes. I used the swap box again with the radishes and got 3 baby bok choy.

This week’s share:
1 bunch Cilantro
1 bunch Beets
1 bunch French Radishes (I swapped them for 3 baby bok choy)
1 Iceberg Lettuce
1 bunch Arugula
1 bunch U-Choy
1/4 Watermelon
1 piece eggplant

CSA Week #18

Stay tuned for my apple picking adventure this past weekend and my first backyard BBQ this upcoming weekend. Anyone have a BBQ favorite to share?