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This is the end, of my CSA season that is. Not to fear, the winter season starts up in 2 weeks, just in time for Thanksgiving. I want to share a portion of Farmer Fred’s weekly letter. I always look forward to reading them and hearing about the goings on at the farm.

“This season has of course, had its interesting twists with the weather. It’s sobering to reflect on the variability of weather that we’ve experienced, from the heat of 90+ degrees days during the middle of the summer to the killing frost of 28F two weeks ago. We’ve had very dry weather during which we irrigated into the late night hours every day for some stretches and we’ve had our share of very wet weather with extended periods of consecutive days with rainfall. We had Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee along with other wind and weather events. In spite of everything, we’ve been blessed to have the bounty and variety over the course of the CSA season that we did.” 

I am happy to have participated in another great CSA season.

This week’s share:
1 bunch Mixed Carrots
1 bunch Cilantro
1 bunch Easter Egg Radish
2 lbs.Sweet Potatoes
1 bunch Red Mustard
1 bunch green Scallions
1 bunch White Turnips
1 piece Habanero Pepper

CSA Week #23

Those are some large turnips, I think I will make soup with them. I chose a green (unripe) habanero because I want to see if it tastes any different from the orange (ripe). I was happy to see more red mustard greens, since I enjoyed the first bunch so much.