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I got a great gift this past Christmas. It was a cookbook called Cutie Pies, which is full of recipes for adorable pies that can be adapted into a variety of sizes from full size to little pie pops. I also got a case of mini mason jars to go along with it.  While in a hardware store this weekend, my friend pointed out some mason jars which inspired this weekend’s baking project. I didn’t follow a recipe from the book this time and just threw together these pies with a bunch of leftover odds and ends that I had. I found a box of chocolate mouse, I had some milk I needed to use and just enough cream to make some whipped cream for topping. I also had about a half of a disk of pie crust in the freezer which was a perfect amount for making 2 pie jars.

I rolled out the pie dough, cut rounds to fit in the bottom of the jars, then cut strips to line the sides of the jars. I stuffed them with crumpled up waxed paper and baked accordingly. Once they were cool, I filled them with chocolate mousse and topped them with a dollop of whipped cream.

I love that my kitchen is so well stocked that I can throw together such a cute and delicious dessert so easily!