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This one goes out to all my fellow CSA-ers. We get a whole lot of bok choy with our CSA. I love bok choy just as much as the next person but there are only so many stir fries one girl can have in one season. The other night, instead of doing another stir fry, I decided to make the bok choy like I would any other leafy green. I sauteed some diced spring onions, garlic and a dash of crushed red pepper. Then I added in a whole head of  bok choy thinly sliced and a healthy splash of white wine. I let it cook down until the bok choy was tender. I tossed it with a half a pound of cooked linguini and a bit of pasta cooking water.

The second non-recipe recipe is for the dreaded kohlrabi. I, personally, am a bit indifferent towards this veggie. Many people in the CSA hate it and you can usually find one in the swap box. If you’ve never had it, kohlrabi tastes like the stalk of broccoli. I’ve used it raw in coleslaw, roasted in the oven and added into stir fry. I pureed it tonight and had some success with that. I was really impressed. You have to make sure peel your kohlrabi well or you will end up with tough woody bits. I chopped up the peeled kohlrabi and boiled it in water. I transfered the cooked kohlrabi to the food processor and pureed with chopped scallions, heavy cream, salt and pepper. I pureed the mixture and added cream as necessary until the consistency was good. I then returned it back to the pot and heated until hot. The raw scallions added a nice flavor and of course cream is a nice addition.