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I finally had some time to tackle a cooking project I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. I bought a canning set so I could give it a try this summer. I wanted to start with pickles from my abundance of CSA cucumbers but I never found the time. This past week I received a bunch of cilantro in my CSA and that always screams salsa to me. I picked up some tomatillos and jalapenos at the farmers market and whipped up some salsa verde. The canning was pretty easy and it more importantly it seems to have worked. I look forward to more canning this summer!

This week’s pickup was a perfect one. After dreaming about basil for weeks it finally showed up today. And what better to go with it than cherry tomatoes? I swapped my kohlrabi for a head of green Boston lettuce.

This week’s share:
1 bunch Basil
2 Fresh Onion Bulbs
1 Bulb Kohlrabi (swapped for green Boston lettuce)
1 bunch Red Boston Lettuce
1 lb. Kueka Potatoes
1 Sweet Pepper
1 pint Cherry Tomatoes



Tonight, for dinner, I used my fresh ingredients to make a delicious tomato sauce which I served with fresh Raffetto’s pasta. Yum!