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After being away the last 2 weekends it was nice spending a relaxing one at home. I was able to do some of my favorite things…margaritas with good friends, the farmers market, backyard grilling, brunch, cooking!

It was a perfect day to some grilling so I picked up a piece of London broil and some corn at the farmers market yesterday. We had the steak and corn on the grill along with tomatoes and mozzarella. I am slowly taking a liking to fresh tomatoes. I had a great tomato salad at Daniel Humm’s NoMad Rooftop which inspired me to give it a try with my CSA tomatoes. Besides being perfectly prepared, they were very simply dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Tonight for dinner I used the leftovers to make a new meal. I had some leeks from my CSA and thought I could saute them with the corn to make a side to go along with the steak. I added in the leftover tomatoes and sautéed it all together and added some heavy cream to coat and simmered briefly. It turned out to be a really good dish.

And for dessert some homemade lemon ice cream! Here is the recipe I used. It reminded me of my time in Rome. I would always get a combination of cream and lemon gelato. Yum!