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Fall is my favorite season, hands down. There are so many reasons to love it. After the sweltering summer the air is nice and crisp. The leaves change. Thanksgiving, the best holiday ever! Halloween. My birthday. Pumpkins. And one of my favorite activities, apple picking!

Hicks, the apple orchard I grew up going to, is the best. There is no other place like it. As an adult, I make a trip upstate every Fall to go there. The apples are always delicious, the cider is the perfect amount of tart and sweet, so flavorful, the cider donuts are incomparable. I try every cider donut I come across and none even come close.

Unfortunately, it was slim pickings this year. The crazy weather we had this Spring damaged the crop. The trees bloomed too early and then there were several days of frost. Luckily we went early so there was plenty for us.

They even make apple wine at the orchard. Slyboro makes some tasty ciders and ice wine.

To top it all off, they have goats!

Afterwards, we make the short drive to Vermont to get cheese at Consider Bardwell Farm. They have delicious cheese that is named after town in Vermont. My favorites are Rupert and Pawlet. I know for sure you can find their cheeses in many cheese shops around NYC.

And they have goats too! Look at that face!

Bring on the apple pie, applesauce, apple tart or perhaps some spiked apple cider.