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Oh what a wonderful trip it was! Belgium is one of the most beautiful places. The architecture, the canals, the beer, the chocolate! This was certainly an indulgent vacation. We ate lots of meat and frites (I always say I have a second stomach for fries. No matter how full I am, I can always eat more fries.) and waffles, drank beer multiple times a day. Everything was so delicious! We started in Brussels, went to Ghent then Bruges and returned back to Brussels for a night before leaving. Bruges was definitely my favorite. I would love to spend more time there. It was really hard leaving this wonderful country! The first serving of frites.


Beer! Even better, outside!

We stumbled upon this place. All you can eat ribs are apparently a thing in Belgium. Who knew?


Beef stew at Passion. Another delicious specialty of the Flemish region. Of course it comes with fries too.

The best waffle ever! And it came from a stand in the train station. So good!


The Chocolate Line. They had some very inventive flavor combinations.

Fireside beer at Hotel De Tuilerieen.


Bruges Zot, from the only brewery still located in Bruges.

The best mussels we had. Located in a bar directly across from the brewery.

Great trip! If you ever have a chance, get yourself to Belgium.