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Sunday night football. My boyfriend is from Chicago and of course loves the Bears. Since we don’t get to see them play that often, I thought it would be nice to fulfill his request for nachos. These turned out to be some delish nachos. Especially since not much thought went into it. I got to use green salsa and pickled jalapenos I canned this summer. It was such a great feeling opening the cabinet and pulling out 2 homemade ingredients for dinner. I also made guacamole for the first time tonight. I know, everyone is surprised when I tell them I’ve never made it before. It was a success! I had to tinker with it until I got it just right but it was worth it. The guacamole was a combination of avocado, cilantro, lime juice, diced onions, a small amount of Thai chilies and salt.

The beef was seasoned with cumin, lime juice and salt. The other toppings included shredded cheddar and jack cheeses, black beans, the guacamole, green salsa, pickled jalapeno and some sour cream.

I also used the napa cabbage, cilantro and Thai chilies from my last CSA to make a slaw. It was really good. Sweet, sour, spicy, light and fresh! You can find the recipe I used as inspiration here.

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