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I spent all last weekend baking my holiday cookies. I want to quickly share them with you before I jet out of town. They are all delish and I hope you find inspiration to make your own!

The first cookie is not actually a cookie but a bar. I made peanut butter bars from my Baked cookbook. These are great however the rice crispy bottom layer was too gooey and wouldn’t hold together. Also, they melt like crazy so you have to keep them in the fridge and eat them quick. But very tasty!


Then onto another recipe from another great cookbook. I received the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook as a birthday gift. I was really looking forward to making a recipe from it since they are all so unique. This recipe was very involved and I am not sure how much I like them but they got good reviews from the crowd. This is the cornflake marshmallow peppermint, for a little holiday flair, cookie.


The third cookie I found in my Bon Appetit, I get the iPad version through my sister, and is from one of my favs, Dorie Greenspan. She recently opened a bakery here in New York called Beurre & Sel that sells her wonderful cookies. I haven’t made it there yet but I tried this recipe for “Jammers”. These were nice and buttery and jammy.



The next one holds a special place in my heart. I also found this recipe in Bon Appetit. These speculoos I first came across in Belgium on my trip. Every time you order a coffee in Belgium it is served with one of these cookies. It’s a nice touch. They are spiced but it’s not too overwhelming which I enjoy.



And finally a nice change from typical holiday cookies. A light and fresh lemon ricotta cookie by Giada De Laurentiis. The ricotta made the cookie very soft and fluffy and I love  lemon flavor.



Happy Holidays to all my fantastic readers!

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