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This week’s pickup was veggies only. I promised myself I would not complain about the amount of lettuce we receive because I was so desperate for a salad at the end of the winter. I will not complain but let it be noted I have 4 heads in the fridge! Along with a whole bunch of sugar snap peas and radishes.

This week’s share:
1 bu Mixed Radishes
1 Green Romaine
1 Red Boston Lettuce
8 oz of Sugar Snap Peas
1 lb Summer Squash
4 pcs Garlic Scapes
1 Seedless Greenhouse Cucumber



To use up some of the veggies I had and leftover ingredients from my fish taco dinner, I made veggie tacos for dinner. I wanted to make burritos but they were more like tacos. I sautéed bok choy, a summer squash, garlic scapes and sugar snap peas with a little cumin. I made rice like you get at Chipotle with cilantro and lime. This was wrapped up in a tortilla and topped with more cilantro, chopped jalapeno and radishes and red onions that were quickly pickled. They turned out really tasty.