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You may have noticed I missed posting last week. I was busy reliving the 90’s at a Guster, Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies concert in our local park. But now I have to take some time to rave about the fish we received last week. We got the most delicious tuna ever! I served it raw in a ceviche. It was basically raw tuna marinated in lime juice and added to guacamole. It was amazing!


This week we got another good fish, golden tile fish. I really enjoyed this one last time. There’s more variety with the vegetables. We started getting beautiful multicolored tomatoes.

This week’s share:
1 bunch Red Romaine
1 head Green Romaine
1 lb.  White Potatoes
1 lb. Mixed  Tomatoes
1 pcs. Squash
2 pcs. Eggplant