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I was excited to see more tomatoes this week. I have adding them to everything; a handful of cherry tomatoes in a pasta dish, a diced tomato when some rice is cooking, a sliced one to a some fish being cooked in paper. I am shocked by how much lettuce we have been getting this season. We’ve gotten it almost every week and a lot of times it’s been 2 heads. For the fish share this week we got swordfish which is a first. I am still impressed with the variety of fish we are getting. Who knew there were that many varieties in these waters?

This week’s share:
1 bunch Baby Celery
1 head Red Romaine
1 head Green Boston
1 Bunch Radishes
1 lb. Mixed Tomatoes
1 pint Cherry Tomatoes



I have not cooked the swordfish yet so please let me know if you have a good recipe!