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More watermelon! I will never complain about getting too much watermelon. Actually there is not such thing as too much watermelon. We got string beans for the first time this season which I am happy for since they are another one of my favorites. For the fish share we got fluke again. The first time we got it was early in the season and I breaded it and served it with a brown butter and cilantro sauce. It was delish. I think this time I will make fish tacos. I have leftover cherry tomato salsa that I used to make arugula quesadillas which is perfect for the tacos.

This week’s share:
1 bunch Parsley
1 bunch Green Oak Lettuce
1 bunch French Radishes
1 pc. Kohlrabi
1 bunch Guy Lon
8 oz. Snap Beans
1. lb. Tomatoes
1/4 pc. Jubilee Watermelon



You know all that lettuce I have been complaining about? I finally have it under control! The head we got tonight is the only one sitting in my fridge. Phew!