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Nothing says Sunday quite like roast chicken. It’s the ultimate one pot meal and can be reincarnated throughout the week. This Christmas I got a whole bunch of spices from one of my favorite Chicago area shops, The Spice House. I decided to use one of the spice blends from the poultry box to season the chicken, the Old World Central Street Seasoning. It’s a blend of many different herbs and spices with paprika giving it a lovely red color. I rubbed it all over the chicken, under the sink, on top of it and in the cavity. I roasted potatoes, carrots and some celery in the pan with the chicken. The chicken turned out great. The drippings also made a delicious gravy.


Chicken dinner #2 consisted of enchiladas. I doctored up a jarred sauce with onions, garlic and come cumin. I had some leftover refried beans so I used them in the filling with the chicken. I rolled them up, covered them in sauce and half with cheese and baked them until bubbly.



Chicken dinner #3 was chicken and gravy with different sides.

Three different meals, a couple chicken sandwiches and 2 quarts of chicken stock. I’d say that was a well used chicken!